1. Round efficient computationally secure Multi-party computation Revisited. ICDCN, Bangalore, India. January 2019.


  1. Visitor at CrIS Lab, IISc, Bangalore advised by Prof. Arpita Patra (Summer 2015)
  2. Intern at Natural Language Processing Lab, IISc, Bangalore advised by Prof. Veni Madhavan (Summer 2016, 2017)

Workshops and Conferences

  1. HECTOR kickoff week, IARPA (Jun 2019)
  2. CRYPTO, Santa Barbara, USA (Aug 2019)
  3. Indocrypt, Chennai, India (Dec 2017)
  4. NMI School and workshop on MPC, IIT-Bombay, India (Mar 2017)


  1. Teaching Assistant (OSU): CS517 - Complexity theory (Graduate)
  2. Teaching Assistant (IIIT-B): CS716 - Computing on Private Data (Graduate)


  1. Rust library for two-party Secure Computation with Covert security and Public verifiability. Code
  2. C++ library for two-party computation on the intersection of sets to learn cardinality of inter- section, union, intersection, cardinality-sum, private-id. Code