I am a third year Ph.D student at Oregon State University, and feel fortunate to be advised by Prof. Mike Rosulek. I study cryptography and my research involves designing and implementing protocols for Secure Computation. One line of work is about optimizing the specialized task of computing the intersection of two private datasets (Private Set Intersection), which finds many applications in practice. Another ongoing project is about improving the efficiency / studying the optimality of garbled circuits, an important primitive to realize Secure computation.

Previously, I was an undergraduate student at IIIT-Bangalore. I was introduced to cryptography by Dr. Ashish Choudhury and mentored by him to write my thesis: Crash-Tolerant Consensus in Directed Graphs. During this time, I was also associated with Dr. Arpita Patra at CRiS Lab, IISc which was a stimulating learning experience.

Reach me at garimelg at oregonstate dot edu